Heights FAQs

Where does Heights Church meet?

We meet at 10750 Thunder Mountain Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80908

When does Heights Church meet?

We meet at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings and in Small Groups throughout the week.

Is there a dress code?

No, we are a pretty laid-back, casual church. Come in whatever you’re comfortable with.

Do you have a children's ministry?

Yes! More information is available on our Heights Kids page.

What does Heights Church believe?

Check out our Beliefs section.

How do I know God?

The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the only way for us to have a relationship with God. Please see our Beliefs section to find out why you need a relationship with God and how He makes Himself available to you.

How do I make a donation online?

You can donate to Heights Church through our Online Giving page.

How can I get involved in ministry at Heights Church?

Growth Track is your next step in becoming a member of Heights and serving on our Dream Team.

How do I contact the church?

Visit our Contact page or check out our social media links below.

It’s Heights Church affiliated with any denominations or organizations?

Heights Church is affiliated with the Association of Related Churches, but functions as a self-governed, autonomous church and isn’t a part of a denomination.

How is Heights Church structured?

We are guided by pastors, protected by trustees, and strengthened by overseers.

Is Heights Church a Spirit-Filled Church?

Yes, we believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is for today and He empowers each believer with specific gifts.

Have Other Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us. All the information you need is on our Contact page.