Host a Small Group

Thank you for your willingness to host a small group at Heights!

Small groups are an essential part to our Heights community. We rely on each of our members, as they feel led, to step up and host groups. At Heights, we utilize a “free market” system, meaning that you can host a group around whatever interest/activity you want.

Through all of this, we want you to keep in mind one critical aspect: discipleship. These aren’t just social groups. We want you  as a leader to challenge the members of your group.

Process to Host

We want to make sure our hosts and our members are set up for success. As such, there’s an application/approval process to become a leader in our small group ministry.

  • Complete the below application
  • Complete an interview with one of our team members
  • Complete both Growth Track and Small Group Leader Training
  • Download and sign the Heights Honor Code

Once approved to host a small group, your information will be added to our small groups directory. We look forward to receiving your application and chatting about your heart for our community!

Host Application

Please complete the form and download/sign the below Honor Code to kick-off your Small Group Host application.